mercredi 9 juin 2010


If I was smarter, to say it blunty, I could get things done easier.
If they call me a child, it'll be over and done with, and I won't have to dirty myself
A bit of photosynthesis for me, for you genes that match.
I guess people like helpless situations
''Don't lie to me''

When I cry I fell I could get anything with these white hands of mine
The answer is pure. We're attracted to each other. This is how I love you, I think.

How old do I have to be to rid myself of loneliness and fear?
If I have a child eill I at last be rid of my suffering?
You adore you adolescence, I take advantage of my rebellious stage
Now we like out wordplay, don't we?
''Don't lie to me''

When I know more than this, I can't sleep at night, and fail in my double suicide
In my memories an ocidized mouthwash, camouflage
I'm the same as a child whining for something that isn't there.
Mother, are you ashamed of this mixed child of yours?

I loved you. Ishiki.

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